New Poster

This is the new (20 February 2005) Doors 8 poster, designed by Abhishek Hazra. Click the image to download. Please print it, post it somewhere prominent, and/or pass it on
to individuals (not to whole lists) you think will consider helping us get the word out.



PDF, 1.3 Mb

Click the image to download a Brochure of general information on Doors of Perception 8, New Delhi.


PDF, A4 format, 119 kb

Sending the acorn, not the tree

For the first time, we are not printing posters and conference brochures for Doors 8.

We hope you'll help us get the word out in a lighter way.

Please print this A4 announcement, and post copies of it on noticeboards where you work, or wherever it will be seen by people who might be interested.

Many thanks!!